In this chapter, Dr. Kaskie and Dr. Sidhu account the recent trends in cannabis use among persons over 50 and consider trends specific to those over 65.  See the chapter featured here
The use of medical cannabis by those over the age of 60 is positively associated with self-reported improvements in subjects’ health-related quality of life (HRQL), according to data published in the journal Clinical Gerontologist.
Iowa plans to seek an official exemption from federal marijuana prohibition in an effort to resolve policy conflicts impeding its limited medical cannabis program. Read more here
The number of patients in Iowa’s medical marijuana program fell by one-third during the COVID-19 pandemic because patients couldn’t see their doctors or go to driver’s license stations to get cannabidiol registration cards, officials said.
The Iowa Department of Public Health announced Thursday that it had offered dispensary licenses to groups in Iowa City and Council Bluffs. The new shops would replace dispensaries in Davenport and Council Bluffs, which closed earlier this year.
Dr. Brian Kaskie currently leads the Cannabis and Older Persons Study at the University of Iowa, where he is examining the increasing use of cannabis among older persons and evaluating the implications for opioid abuse and end of life care.