Recent efforts by Dr. Kaskie and his team have determined that a small but significant proportion of caregivers are providing cannabis to persons with dementia as a possible treatment for agitation, sleep disturbances and other problematic secondary symptoms and using for themselves as way to relieve stress.
In this chapter, Dr. Kaskie and Dr. Sidhu account the recent trends in cannabis use among persons over 50 and consider trends specific to those over 65.  See the chapter featured here
Chronic pain is one of the most common health-related conditions experienced by Americans over the age of 65.
This study's objective was to assess health-related outcomes associated with medical cannabis use among older patients in Colorado and Illinois enrolled in their home state’s medical cannabis program.
Although several studies have examined individual-level correlates of cannabis use in later life, there is scant evidence identifying heterogeneity among older users. Using data from Colorado, this study examines variability in lifespan patterns of cannabis use among individuals aged 60 years and older.